Rendering Resources @SIGGRAPH2019

I had an opportunity to attend the SIGGRAPH this year July 28 - Aug 1.
And I’ll try to collect, manage the resources about rendering here.

July 28

  • Are we done with ray tracing? Course Site
  • Introduction to real time ray tracing
  • Path guiding in production PDF

July 29
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games: Part 1&2 Course Site

[Technical Papers] Light Science Session

  1. Hierarchical Russian Roulette for Vertex Connections
  2. Optimal Multiple Importance Sampling
  3. Ellipsoidal Path Connections for Time-Gated Rendering
  4. A Monte-Carlo Framework for Rendering Speckle Statistics in Scattering Meida
  5. Rodent: Generating Renderers Without Writing a Generator

July 30
[Technical Papers]

  • Advanced Volume Rendering

    1. Volume Path Guiding Based on Zero-Variance Random Walk THeory
    2. A Null-Scattering Path Integral Formulation of Light Transport
    3. Fractionl Gaussian Fields for Modeling and Rendering of Spatially-Correlated Media
    4. Photon Surface for Robust, Unbiased Volumentric Density Estimation
  • High Performance Rendering

    1. Blockwise Multi-Order Feature Regression for Real-Time Path Tracing Reconstruction
    2. Iterative Depth Warping
    3. Beyong Trilinear Interpolation: High Quality for Free
    4. Procedual Phasor Noise
    5. TileGAN: Synthesis of Large-Scale Non-Homogeneous Textures

Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering

July 31
Path Tracing in Production Part 1 & 2Course Site

Aug 1

  • My Favourite Samples Course Site
  • RTX Accelerated Ray Tracing With OptiX

[Technical Papers]
Acquiring, Perceving and Rendering Material Appearance

  1. Deep Interse Rendering for High-Resolution SVBRDF Estimation From an Arbitrary Number of Images
  2. A Similarity Measure for Material Appearance
  3. Using Moments to Represent Bounded Signals for Spectral Rendering
  4. Accurate Appearance Preserving Prefilting for Rendering Displacement-Mapped Surfaces

Contents keep updating!